Hallo! My name is Svelga. I made zis site to share to zee world my mother Helga’s favorite recipe: her meatballs. I have fond memories of my flääguten while sitting at my table watching my mother prepare these tasty treats after an invigorating afternoon of fjord jumping. My mother used to tell me her mother, Oma Drelga, originally taught her this recipe just after her first successful tøgkenäg.

On my vedding day, I made a very special vow to my husband… “I promise to always clean your nets, och vara dig trogen, and feed you, making sure to cook my mother’s meatballs at least once a month.” After the traditional battle and riding of the mooses, and cousin Halford giving me juniper mead, I admitted to my new husband that it was a silly promise.  However, my husband Jøtan’s love for his meatball recipe always brings him a sense of happiness, particularly ven he finds it in his beard a day later. For me to be able to recreate a dish that he loves is important. His big smile is priceless when he walks through the door at the end of a long day of vaüttägen, and smells fresh beaver roasting on the stove and meatballs broiling in the fireplace.

My Cat LokiMy cat Loki has also certainly taken a liking to zem, he does a little “mew mew” every time I return from  from øl’Harods shop . Often I will find him sneaky sneaky hoping he will catch one of these flügütaten. In fact, on his birthday I make a fresh batch so that his best purr can give me zee biggest smile.

I wanted everyone to know the story behind these meatballs, because it is needed when shaping them to know all my personal history. I hope that these recipes shared on zis site bring you just as much joy as my little Loki, and I hope you enjoy the paragraphs of stories I give with each recipe!

Developer’s Note: We have removed the extensive stories that Svelga added to the recipes (They were easily 6 paragraphs long and we get them daily from her in our emails). In addition, you will find no: